Genesix Launches Jumvo - A Voice-Based Group Messaging Service for iOS


Genesix announces today the launch of Jumvo, a free voice-based group messaging service for iPhone and iPod touch. Revolutionizing the growing group-messaging trend, Jumvo brings the personality and nuance of voice to the convenience of texting with its unprecedented functionality and Facebook integration.

By logging into Jumvo through Facebook, users have access to their entire friends list, diminishing the need to remember additional usernames, handles, and even phone numbers. Jumvo enables its users to send individual, personal messages or start a voice-based group messaging thread so the conversation can continue no matter how scattered its participants are.

How It Works: Jumvo sends voice-based messages delivered via iOS push notifications.
⇒ Launch Jumvo and Connect to Facebook - easily access the apps features by using your Facebook log-in to connect to Jumvo.
⇒ Select Contacts to Message or Invite - Jumvo connects you to your complete Facebook friends list, allowing you to connected with anyone and everyone.
⇒ Custom Invitations - If a friend doesn't have Jumvo, record a personal message to invite them. Voice messages are delivered directly to your friend's Facebook inbox so it doesn't end up in the spam folder along with the rest of e-mail invites.
⇒ Speak and Send - Using the iPhone's proximity sensor, Jumvo automatically begins recording your message once you hold the phone to your ear .

"In a mobile industry increasingly focused on innovating text messaging services, we recognized that voice-based communication has slowly declined," explained Kenji Tomita, producer of Jumvo. "With Jumvo, we created a service that solves that problem as it brings the nuance, inflection, and personal feel of voice back to mobile devices. However, we not only solved that problem, but also a few more. One of which is the need to remember an excess of usernames while connecting with different friends who are scattered on different platforms. With Jumvo, we're allowing everyone to keep in touch and most importantly, stay in touch with their pre-existing friends list, making the most of the relationships that are already there."

Jumvo 1.1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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