GeoGuide 3D Guides Outdoor Adventurers Where Other Maps Go Blank

Maps 3D - GPS Tracks for Bike, Hike, Ski & Outdoor (AppStore Link)
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Maps 3D - GPS Tracks for Bike, Hike, Ski & Outdoor
Developer: movingworld GmbH
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Outdoor athletes, hikers and geocachers know that a map is only as good as it's off-road navigation. Unfortunately, this is precisely where most traditional navigation systems fail, according to MovingWorld today. Outside of the road system, say the makers of GeoGuide 3D Worldwide Maps and Tracks 2.4, other guides show a barren "no-man's land" devoid of useful information about the surrounding landscape. GeoGuide 3D is designed to be the solution for outdoor adventurers.

GeoGuide 3D helps users find their position outside of the road system by utilizing a precise elevation model as well as maps from OpenStreetMaps and OpenCyclemaps. A desired map section may be downloaded worldwide onto the iPhone. It can be used completely offline for times when an Internet connection is not available.

The 3D map offers a good deal of information regarding one's own surroundings. It points out lakes, rivers, mountains and hills, roads, paths and other landmarks. The display of altitude levels helps with the three-dimensional orientation of the current position; determining the present elevation plus the elevation of the desired destination. Even in unfamiliar terrain the compass indicates the direction so that nobody gets lost.

Additionally GeoGuide 3D imports routes including stopovers and records and analyzes them. This is naturally of great interest to hikers and athletes. At the end the recorded routes can even be sent out via e-mail.

GeoGuide 3D Worldwide Maps and Tracks 2.4

GeoGuide 3D is constantly being refined. There are approximately 70,000 users. Many of them help the developers by repeatedly communicating requests and suggestions which will be implemented as soon as possible. Besides countless small changes the new version 2.4 implements a large number of modifications:

  1. Displays the remaining distance: The app now shows the remaining distance of a selected tour and also displays the difference in altitude that has to be overcome.
  2. Bicycle Computer: A new map-mode is available. Just below the map a complete bicycle computer will be superimposed. This way not only the route is displayed but the cyclist is also able to see the current speed and the distance that has been traveled already.
  3. Destination flag on the compass: In addition to calculating the distance, a destination flag will be displayed directly on the compass. Especially when geocaching the desired location can be reached by using just the compass.

GeoGuide 3D Worldwide Maps and Tracks 2.4 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Navigation category.

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