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GeoCam Free
Developer: SITIS LLC
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SITIS mobile, a leading mobile application developer, is excited today to announce the recent update of GeoCam app for iOS and Android devices. An innovative new photo management solution, GeoCam is a centralized mobile hub that lets users do anything and everything geophoto related all from a single place. The app is a one-stop geophoto sharing, editing, and storage that lets users tap directly into many of their online accounts to download, upload, and organize pictures, send geophoto to friends and create generated GeoCam Report in PDF format.

GeoCam is socially integrated photo sharing taken to the next level.The app is seamlessly connected to many the most popular photo sharing engines in world including Flickr and Facebook, ensuring that users can show their photos to friends from anywhere in the world whichever way they'd like to and letting know your friends, relatives or business partners where exactly you are and what surrounds you.

The app's camera mode provides users with the power to make photos supplied with additional information, such as geographic coordinates, camera orientation at the moment of shooting, comments as well as determine location of the photographed objects and estimate distance to them. Users can get detailed info about their photos and other useful info such as shooting location on the map, camera orientation at the shooting time, geographic coordinates, direction of shooting and be sure in accuracy of these parameters on the screen. Meanwhile Gallery mode allows users view or delete previously made geophotos, keep albums and photos organized, the app features a unique automatically generated GeoCam Report in PDF format system that nearly guarantees users will never lose track of where and when the photo was made.

GeoCam was designed to turn photo management into a simple and enjoyable undertaking, rather than a tedious, cumbersome chore. Its user interface ensures that regardless of whether users want to do edit, safe, organize, or share geophotos they can do so in the least number of steps possible. You've got enough on your plate, you don't need to spend hours organizing your geophotos, and with GeoCam you'll never have to again.

GeoCam Free 1.10.1211 is available worldwide through the App Store in the Utilities category. GeoCam is also available for download on the Google Play market in the Tools category.

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