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Get Likes - for Instagram (AppStore Link)
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Get Likes - for Instagram
Developer: APPSTAR AS
Price: free Download on the App Store

Bit Hax today is proud to announce the release of Get Likes for Instagram 2.0 for iOS, a brand new iPhone app that helps Instagram users get more likes on their photos. The app is the easiest way to get more exposure for your Instagram photos and videos.

After installing the app you log in with your Instagram account. You will be shown photos and videos from other Get Likes users. You have the option to either like or skip each photo. For every item that you like you will earn a coin for use in the app. Once you have coins you can spend them to get likes on the photos you choose (2 coins = 1 like). You also have the option of purchasing coins directly if you do not wish to spend your time liking photos from other users.

As an example, if you spend 100 coins on one of your Instagram photos, it will be continuously shown to other Get Likes on Instagram users until your photo has received 50 likes.

Unlike other similar apps Get Likes is:
* Ad Free
* Does not put any limitation on the amount of likes you can get
* Simple, free and lightweight
* Is extremely easy to use
* Only a 3.6 mb download
* You get free likes on your Instagram photos just for installing the app

How does it work?
When you order likes on one of your photos, it is displayed to other Get Likes users until it has received the desired number of likes. Get Likes for Instagram will never like any photo on your behalf. The app will only like photos that you explicitly tell it to.

Get Likes for Instagram 2.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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  • Christian Gregertsen

    Thanks for posting about the app Barbh!