Get Out Fast: The Test - A Free Adventure Game released for iOS devices

Get Out Fast: The Test (AppStore Link)
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Get Out Fast: The Test
Developer: Patrick Gallagher
Price: free Download on the App Store

Independent developer Patrick Gallagher today is pleased to announce the initial version of Get Out Fast: The Test for iOS devices.

"Slowly you awake from slumber as your head throbs with pain. Rising from bed, you notice the room is too bright for the morning sun and understand that you slept much later than usual. Trying to gather yourself, you hear the phone and realize the ringing is what woke you from your deep sleep. Something was wrong here and you feel the driving need to Get Out Fast!"

In the Free prequel to Get Out Fast: The House, you are alone in an apartment building with a gas leak and little time to escape.

Get Out Fast: The Test is an Old School Styled Text Adventure with a Touch GUI used for interaction.

You play Get Out Fast by figuring out common sense puzzles to escape before running out of turns.

Features Include:
* A Universal app that takes advantage of the iPad's larger screen size and supports iPhone5's 4 inch display.
* Slide-out panels for touch control of movement, object interaction and action updates
* Three difficulty settings and high scores are saved
* Font type / size are configurable
* Includes a separate tutorial map that introduces you to the 'villain' of the highest difficulty

Get Out Fast: The Test 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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