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Statistics & Probability - A simpleNeasyApp by WAGmob (AppStore Link)
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Statistics & Probability - A simpleNeasyApp by WAGmob
Developer: Pollmine.Com
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The field of statistics is full of so many different rules and formulas that it'd be impossible to constantly keep track of everything in your head. Because of this, RealSimpleEDU has developed the handy Statistics reference app that gives anyone the ability to learn and refresh anywhere, anytime.

Students and business professionals alike have greatly benefited from this helpful resource. Students have been able to conveniently and easily study and learn while on-the-go while business professionals have been able to quickly and easily recall the exact formulas and figures needed for their company projects.

This statistics app is full of a wide range of basic statistical information covering topics from probability and distribution to hypothesis testing and t-statistics. It simply delivers incredible value.

These factors have driven this Statistics app up the rankings on both the iPhone and iPad charts to the number one spot for the search term 'statistics'. Not many education and reference apps can ever claim such a feat. The following review sums up the RealSimpleEDU statistics app very succinctly:

"Excellent app. I wish I had this app back in college as it would have helped a ton but its been an awesome resource for helping me to quickly understand how to work the data for my company reports"

This statistics app is just one of nearly a hundred different learning and reference apps RealSimpleEDU has put out, many of which are at the top of the rankings for their particular keywords as well. In fact, the small Seattle based mobile app company is emerging as the dominant player in the education and reference mobile app market. With a wide range of high quality learning apps that provide incredible value to users, it's no wonder why RealSimpleEDU is poised to soon become a household brand name in the on-the-go education market.

Statistics 3.0 iPhone and iPad respectively is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Reference category.

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