Global Feed Uses Geo-IP to Track Local News Like Never Before

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Global Feed
Developer: Sovereign Dynamics LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Sovereign Dynamics, an independent software company, has launched "Global Feed", an intuitive, slick app designed to stream news based on Geo-IP location and completely configurable by the end user, onto the iOS App Store. It is designed to take the effort out of finding local news and gives users an edge.

Global Feed is an app that was designed with end users in mind. Instinctual and function filled, it works on the iPhone and gives users unparalleled support for seeing news spreading from a source - not only can you see where news originated, but it also uses location support to tailor that information to the area that the phone is situated in. Relevance has never been easier to attain, and has a new edge that users can leverage. With the world rapidly designing itself around knowledge sharing via twitter, Facebook and other social networks, it is important to stay up to date in an accessible, effortless way.

Global Feed puts relevance front and center - and while other apps might be slow to update what is happening locally, Global Feed pulls and filters a myriad of information and creates a customized, personalized stream based on both user interests and location. With a solid, easy to use UI, and sumptuous, responsive updating in real time, this could be a user's must have news app.

With a rich, stylish, responsive interface, Global Feed ensures that every action and every motion is easily useful. Nothing has been overlooked and the app puts knowledge of various kinds in the user's reach, including real time weather and natural disaster tracking. But it's primarily a news app and excels at that.

Sergei Inyushkin, CEO & founder of Sovereign Dynamics said: "Passion and fun are rare commodities when it comes to news, but we like to think that we offer a bit of both, combined with a solid, genuinely useful app that no user should be without. News isn't something that we see passively, it's something we interact with, to either bring us closer to our interests and passions, or keep us safe, and out of harm's way".

Global Feed 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the News category.

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