Gluten-Free Interactive by Delicion


Delicion has declared that everyone in the company, aka its owner, is sick of seeing "gluten-free" everywhere only to find that "gluten-free" generally means "disgusting." With recipes that are truly delicious, Abby Berger hopes to bring a new light to gluten-free with simple, wholesome recipes and ingredients.

"Delicion is focused on taking the garbage out of foods by developing amazing gluten-free recipes. With the launch of Gluten-Free Interactive, Delicion has an opportunity to bring awareness not only to gluten-free foods, but also to healthier living. I think life is about the give and take, but our health should not be compromised. For so long we've been victims to unhealthy eating due to inconvenience and hectic schedules. With Delicion I would like to renew cooking at home and help focus on healthy eating while on the go," said Abby Berger, CEO.

Yes, the Internet is full of food blogs and wonderful looking recipes. And some of them are actually wonderful and delicious. But what sets Delicion's Gluten-Free Interactive app apart from the rest is the sleek functionality to make everyday cooking easier. Everything in the app is naturally gluten and grain-free, and the ingredients are ones you can truly feel good about - so you don't even have to think while planning your next meal. Recipe photos are all the real deal, staged by Abby and her photographer.

If you follow, or are cooking for someone that follows a Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, nut-free, or dairy-free diet, you can use our drop-down menu to adjust most of the recipes to fit your needs! When you have 20 people over for dinner, you can easily change your recipe size, and nutrition facts are at your fingertips. While your drinking and cooking, no need to worry about losing your place, since you can cross-off steps and ingredients as you go. If you've had more than a few or you just want to stay on track, you can rotate your iPad and view step-by-step instructions.

All in all, you should just head over to Apple's App Store and check out Gluten-Free Interactive 1.0. It's $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. So you're essentially stealing from Abby at that price. Help her make back all the money she put into making this app so she can drink more champagne and get back to work on more recipes! If you want to talk, or your would like more information on Gluten-Free Interactive, contact Abby Berger, CEO. Twitter: @delicion_app

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