Google Maps On iPad Has Mileage With Latest EggMaps Update

EggMaps with Google Maps and Street View (AppStore Link)
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EggMaps with Google Maps and Street View
Developer: Michael Cunneen
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

Indie Developer Mike Cunneen today is proud to announce the release of EggMaps HD 1.05, his iPad app that provides an easy interface to Google Maps at full resolution. Until EggMaps HD, iPad users had resorted to using the website or iPhone versions of Google Maps (the latter at low-resolution, sometimes known as "pixel doubling" or "2x").

"An iPad has five times the display resolution of an iPhone. When you run an iPhone-only app on your iPad, such as the official Google Maps app, the picture is blocky, lacks detail, and does not quite fill the available screen area. Apps that are designed specifically for iPad look much better," said Mike Cunneen, the developer.

Regarding the latest update, Mr Cunneen explained, "I've been inundated with requests from UK customers and Americans traveling overseas. They want to view distances in miles rather than kilometres. Until now, there was no way to override the units of distance. Now, you can choose whichever system you are comfortable with."

"EggMaps has been ranked #1 in 25 countries including the UK, Australia and Canada. I really hope the latest release will put it back at the top of the UK App Store rankings."

"To be honest, it's mainly UK customers who are affected by this release," Mr Cunneen continued. "Apart from UK customers, only a few Americans have requested miles when they are traveling outside the USA. The rest of the world uses kilometres, so this feature won't make much difference to them. But they will appreciate the bug fixes in this release."

"Today I received an email from a customer thanking me for the fast turnaround time on fixing a bug he'd reported a few hours earlier. I didn't want to tell him that I submitted the fix 6 days ago due to another customer's report. If this guy thinks I'm some sort of genius, why should I set him straight?" The bug in question prevented addresses from being displayed upon tapping a marker, and is fixed in this latest release.

Unlike the iPhone version of Google Maps, EggMaps HD takes advantage of the larger iPad screen at native resolution. Being a native app, EggMaps HD also has the advantage of being faster and more responsive than a website.

"Google's maps app for iPhone is great. But they seem to have forgotten about iPad users," said Mr Cunneen. "Installing Google's official iPhone app is awkward for most people. Even if you manage to get it onto your iPad, it runs at iPhone resolution and doesn't provide much visual detail."

EggMaps HD supports the following features, with data provided by Google:
* Street View
* Public transit
* Live traffic
* Marker placement
* Directions
* Auto-complete of place names
* Location tracking (when GPS is enabled)

EggMaps HD 1.05 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Navigation category.

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