Gube: Kid Safe YouTube Filters Age-Appropriate Videos and More


Shacked Software, developers of the award-winning Flickpad iPad app, is pleased to announce today the release of Gube: Kid-safe YouTube for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Designed and developed by parents of toddlers for parents with young children, Gube is a vital tool in any parents' bag of tricks when dealing with your child's so called terrible twos, and beyond.

Gube: kid safe videos (AppStore Link)
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Gube: kid safe videos
Developer: Shacked Software LLC
Price: $3.99 Download on the App Store

Gube provides parents with a catalog of pre-screened, moderated, and safe yet fun YouTube videos. Thousands of videos are categorized by age group, and are completely searchable. You can safely allow your child to easily browse on their own through age-appropriate videos, and you'll have the peace of mind knowing that they are protected from unsuitable content. Gube videos are chosen by parents, by hand. Gube includes videos for the following age ranges:

⇒ Infants
⇒ Toddlers
⇒ Preschool
⇒ Grade School

As parents, we all know how much our children enjoy watching videos, and how a quick diversion can help turn a meltdown into a moment of quiet. When used appropriately and sparingly, Gube offers you a chance at avoiding a toddler's scene. In just a few discrete taps, you can turn what would have been a rushed, stressful dinner into an enjoyable and fun outing. In addition to providing your precious ones with prescreened, age-appropriate videos, Gube also offers the ability to save a list of your child's favorite videos, which they can quickly find and easily replay again and again. Put Gube to the test, you - and your children - won't be disappointed.

Feature Highlights:
⇒ One-tap access to your children's favorite videos
⇒ Peace of mind that your children will not stumble upon inappropriate content
⇒ Parents can submit video recommendations to be included in Gube
⇒ Continuous play modes that will keep your children entertained

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