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Guess Who? HD
Developer: Dawid Stodolny
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How well can you identify celebrities, music, or movie stars that you come across every day? Can you even spell out their names correctly? Well - this fun yet simple game will test you, and we think that you will find the results surprising!

You see Guess Who? is a simple yet super-addictive game that tests your ability to identify over 130 different celebrities by viewing their picture. This is a quiz game full of fun that consists of guessing the names of famous people such as movie stars, rock stars, Politicians and so on.

Most other quizzes include a hint or a field button to help you guess more easily. But we have made our quiz that bit more interesting; because you have to identify a celebrity exactly from accurately sketched pictures then name them. This feature makes our quiz more addictive, as it requires the player to have considerable knowledge about famous people, and does not solely rely on guesswork!

Will you be able to guess all the levels with 100% accuracy? To make it even more fun and interesting - you can test your friends and families knowledge of celebrities.

This amazingly fun game consists of:
- Four different levels (easy, normal, hard, and expert)
- Accurately reproduced sketched pictures of famous people
- Perfect Guess, alerts you when you have guessed correctly for the first time
- Game stats ( score percentages for each level)

We are sure that you will love playing 'Guess Who?' and find it really enjoyable and challenging.

Here are a few tips if you are stuck and cannot guess the person:
- Ask your friends or family if you don't know the answer
- Search the internet (e.g. type name of move, where the person plays or music album)
- Ask on forums, Facebook or Twitter
- Keep trying, maybe there is a typo error

Are you ready to take the challenge and test your knowledge of famous people?
Then play 'Guess Who?' and see how you score!

Guess Who?! 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. A HD version for iPad is also available.

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  • Monique Uys

    This would have been a great quiz...but it kind of sucks...because if you're stuck, you're stuck. Close the app and never play again!