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Guess? With Buddies
Developer: Deepak Demiwal
Price: free Download on the App Store

Demansol Technologies Pvt. ltd today is pleased to introduce Guess with Buddies 1.0, their universal quiz application which runs on all IOS devices (iPad retina, iPad, iPhone5, iPhone retina). This game will continue to intrigue the player with up to 3000 images to guess which includes categories like Famous People, Movies, Cars, Flags and Places.

Players may open as many envelops as they wish to, in order to reveals a part of the image. The lesser envelops opened to guess the image, the better they score. However, you do not have much time to do that, as the picture needs to be guessed within 30 seconds from the options given.

Feature Highlights:
* Multiplayer with Buddies via Game centre or Bluetooth
* Up to 3000 Questions to Guess
* 07 modes of difficulty
* Customization of question category
* Learning for all ages
* Post your score on leader board
* Regular shuffle of the options for a question
* Fun for all ages
* Boost thinking competency
* Regular updates of questions for Full Pack users

The player can choose a particular category of questions to play such as Flags, Places, Cars, Famous People or Movies and select a difficulty level such as Kids, Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme, Challenge and Expert. The more difficult it is the less part of the image is visible. This is a fun and addictive game suitable for all ages that promotes learning, general knowledge, memory and concentration of players.

If you love to play with your friends/buddies, you will love this Real Time Challenge via game centre. So challenge your buddies and enjoy the game!!

Guess with Buddies 1.0 is absolutely free to download and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store under Games category.

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