Guide launches its highly anticipated technology to a global audience

Guide: Watch Online News, Blogs, and RSS like TV (AppStore Link)
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Guide: Watch Online News, Blogs, and RSS like TV
Developer: Chameleon Collective Inc
Price: free Download on the App Store

Guide's avatar based approach to read and display the news allows users to curate and consume content when reading isn't an option. Since launching on July 1st, Guide skyrocketed into the top five charts in the iPad News category in seven countries and continues to hold it in the U.S. (#3) and South Korea (#5), while maintaining a position on the top ten charts in two additional countries (Thailand and Venezuela). The app currently has a 4.5 star rating.

"We always felt that Guide would resonate with consumers in Asia, but could have never anticipated such a dramatic adoption while still an Englishonly app," said Guide CEO and founder Freddie Laker. "This region will be a huge part of our global strategy going forward as we work to capture the large opportunity to define how users will curate and passively consume online content worldwide."

Guide's core technology focuses on transforming textbased news content into a dynamic and engaging video experience by utilizing embedded images, videos, and even social interactions into an experience narrated by a virtual news anchor. "Helping both small and large publishers generate video content directly from their existing, textbased content is a big part of our ongoing efforts," said Guide Chief Operating Officer and head of publisher relations Leslie Bradshaw. "The early success of our consumer experience is helping to validate our approach and our value."

Over thirty major publications have covered Guide since it announced its technology and vision in February 2013 and it has been named one of the top startups to watch by PC World, Read Write, Laptop Magazine, and Bloomberg Businessweek. Last week's launch marked the first time the public was able to download and engage with Guide.

Guide: Watch Online News, Blogs, and RSS like TV 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the News category. Founded in August 2012, Guide is launching a series of applications across iOS, Android, and web featuring its technology over the next four months.

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