Guitar Master Class - Currently Featured in the App Store


Cantina Software, 311 Labs, and guitarist Yann Armellino have teamed up to create Guitar Master Class app for iOS, an exciting new way to learn guitar currently being featured in the App Store. It is listed as 'Best New Apps July 2014'.

Guitar Master Class is a comprehensive resource for learning both acoustic and electric guitar. Perfect for both beginners and advanced players, Guitar Master Class contains a variety of cutting edge tools, video lessons, and a free high quality tuner to assist users gain mastery over the instrument. Users can slow lesson videos down to half speed without changing the tonality, allowing them to learn at an easier pace. Detailed chord diagrams show users exactly where to place their fingers for chords. A unique video flip feature allows users to watch themselves in the mirror to ensure they have proper form and finger placement.

A wide variety of songs to learn are available from artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, AC/DC, R.E.M., U2, Sting, Daft Punk, Eric Clapton, Oasis, Nirvana, and John Lennon, with more being added each week. Users can even interact in-app with their teacher Stephane Jas if they have any questions.

Guitar Master Class has already won acclaim from a variety of respected guitar publications, including The Guitar Channel, which praised the app for being "Simple and effective... with top level content."

* Communicate with a guitar teacher directly in-app
* Slow down video without changing tonality
* Finger position diagrams
* Video flip mode
* Learn songs by a variety of artists including The Beatles, Bob Dylan, AC/DC, U2, and more
* Beautifully designed and easy to use interface
* Universal app

About Yann Armellino:
Yann Armellino is a lead guitar player who recorded 6 albums. In 2010, Yann proposed a DVD method to learning to play guitar without tabs and reading music ('Je suis Guitariste' - 4 volumes - Sony Music). Yann Armellino is endorsed by Ibanez, DV Mark & Zoom.

About 311 Labs:
311 Labs is a world-class team of experts in technology innovation, UX/design, and marketing. Our team is uniquely qualified to explore ideas, markets, and development requirements to build innovative solutions.

Guitar Master Class 1.6.4 is free for now and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. Includes ability to purchase additional content via in-app purchase.

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