Gulpies 2.0 for iOS - An Action Puzzle Game with Furry Animals

Gulpies (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Hangar 4 Projetos LTDA
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Totmob, a division of Kinetics, is pleased to announce Gulpies 2.0 for iOS. In this game, Totmob has created interesting puzzle mechanics that are reminiscent of Tetris. At the bottom of the screen are lined up three different sorts of animals, each with different food requirements. Greeno is a vegetarian, Pinko eats candy and Red is a carnivore. The food that falls is rendered in a detailed and realistic way, and the player has to rearrange it so that each animal eats the right kind of food. If an animal eats the wrong foodstuff, a crate gets placed under him, but you can get rid of the crate by swiping 2 or more correct items down into the animal's mouth.

Ever so often, as you move though the levels, the background changes, making it easier to identify advanced levels. The game allows you to share your progress on Facebook, and the icon you share is specific to the level you've attained.

The animal characters are imaginary and have a fairly original look and are rendered in the Manga style. The gameplay has been tuned to allow a new player to have fun from the very start. The pace picks up gently but surely in level after level.

Feature Highlights:
- Continuous levels
- Engaging animal characters
- Tasty-looking food items
- Simple game mechanics
- Absorbing gameplay

Gulpies 2.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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