Gym Tuck Fitness App for iOS Revamps and Personalizes Working Out

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Gym Tuck
Developer: Joshua Lipsey
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Joshua Lipsey, a fitness expert and a former professional athlete, introduces the Gym Tuck app for iOS. Gym Tuck completely revamps personal training and makes it effective, personalized, goal-driven, and affordable.

Surveys show that most people don't work out simply because they can't afford a trainer or a gym membership and lack motivation, skills and drive to exercise on their own. Gym Tuck fixes this problem by providing highly personalized, and effective exercise plans from the health and fitness expert Joshua Lipsey (PTS, CTS, PFS), a celebrity trainer for Kim Kardashian and Will.I.Am.

Gym Tuck uses BOYTAM, a revolutionary method never used in a fitness app before. BOYTAM stands for "Bet On Yourself To Achieve More" and it adds a strong competitive element to exercising. Users can choose a Procedure and then bet on how many tucks (Lipsey's term for exercises) they can cope with and for how long. This goal-driven method helps people achieve more and go past their threshold to get the best results while enjoying themselves at the same time.

"I see some of the fitness apps today that ask me to do 20 pushups, but what if I can do 30? Or what if someone can only do 10? I had to create a platform where users can optimize their workouts and get the most out of every repetition," - says Joshua Lipsey, celebrity trainer and former professional basketball player.

Gym Tuck has more than 500 tucks (exercises) created and fine-tuned by Joshua Lipsey. Combined together, the exercises give a complete workout plan for all areas of the body and all types of muscles. The tucks are developed in such a way that they include both primary and secondary fitness components: muscular strength development, core strength, stabilization, dynamic conditioning, balance, and coordination.

Each tuck has two description levels, beginner and advanced. In addition to that, there are instruction videos from Joshua Lipsey that include a comprehensive demonstration of each exercise. This makes Gym Tuck easy to use even for complete fitness novices because they can watch the videos as many times as they want before they start doing the exercises. When users start doing the tuck, they can do it in sync with the videos for better involvement and control.

Another important aspect of the Gym Tuck app is that it's designed to target fitness challenges in a social environment. Users can review their progress and stats with the help of the app's graph to see which tucks they do better, which ones need work, and which exercises they enjoy the most. In addition to that, the app provides scores that can be shared with friends through all popular social networks.

Gym Tuck 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

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