Halloween News: Monsters Mixer by Ebooks&kids launched today

Monsters Mixer (AppStore Link)
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Monsters Mixer
Developer: EBOOKS&KIDS srl
Price: free Download on the App Store

Following the great success that Wee Kids family has achieved all over the world, Ebooks&kids is pleased to announce that Monsters Mixer is now available in the App Store. Monsters Mixer is Ebooks&kids Halloween creative app, for kids from 2 to 99 years old. There is no Halloween without monsters, but they don't need necessarily to be scary. In Monsters Mixer there is no creep factor, only a lot of fun!

So the app can be useful for anyone who has kids afraid of monsters or of the dark and can help to quell their fears.

This app is a monsters builder where players can edit their own monster by choosing among plenty of different options. Mixing Monstrous Bodies, Yucky Eyes, Snotty Noses, Disgusting Mouths with teeth, antennas, Awkward Arms, Clumsy Legs in variable quantity and many other weird ingredients, children can create their own monstrous friend.

Then they can feed their monster with disgusting foods making him grow; play him funny tricks - i.e. splash a cake on his face; choose for him the scariest scream among the available options, or better, record theirselves the "...ROOAAR..." of their voice and give it to their creature. Finally kids can take a picture to their monstrous friend and even put their monster creations in their own pictures, for a terrific amount of additional fun! All the pictures can be uploaded on Monsters Mixer Facebook page using #MonstersMixer hashtag

Colors are engaging, vivid and almost acid; all the body part options come in 3 different colors each. music is suitably spooky and very catchy.

For a limited period, Monsters Mixer 1.0 is currently Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Monsters Mixer offers in-app purchases from a protected parent portal. A trailer of the app is available on Ebooks&kids YouTube channel.

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