Help Hilda and the Happy Chicken Co Escape in New iOS Maze Game

Happy Chicken Co. (AppStore Link)
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Happy Chicken Co.
Developer: Stephen L Parkes
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Game developers, The Steampunk Studio have released their new multi-platform game, Happy Chicken Co, along with a competition. Can you be the first player in the world to Conquer The Maze? Happy Chicken Co raises the bar in respect of challenging puzzle games and is totally unique in its concept and originality and players will become quickly addicted in their quest to rescue the chickens and prevent them from becoming tonight's Chow Mein! 

Steve Parkes from The Steampunk Studio said "Happy Chicken Co is such a unique, challenging game that we are very excited to hear from the first person to conquer it and we will award them with a special prize to commemorate their achievement." Details of the competition can be found on The Steampunk Studio website.

The chickens who live under the Happy Chicken Co have discovered their fate and realised their only hope lies in the wings of Hilda, 'The Bravest Chicken." There is only one way out. Freedom lies on the other side of the giant mind-boggling underground maze that stands in their way.

Players must navigate Hilda around the enormous maze avoiding the dangerous obstacles to find the 10 keys which are scattered throughout it then make their way to the exit. Sounds simple, but beware, not all is as it seems. There are some nasty twists and turns along the way and not all the keys are in plain view.

Happy Chicken Co Features:

- Giant Underground Maze (with a secret twist)
- Unique Character Control
- Hidden Objects and Puzzle Elements

Happy Chicken Co 2.0 is available worldwide through the App Store, Android Market and on Amazon in the USA.

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