Happy Ring Ring Launches ChickyFox HD - A Music Video App for Children

ChickyFox™ - Kids Music Video Puzzle (AppStore Link)
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ChickyFox™ - Kids Music Video Puzzle
Developer: Happy Ring Ring Sdn Bhd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Happy Ring Ring, the folklore media entertainment company based in Malaysia, today is thrilled to announce an entertainment category app for the iPad to the App Store called ChickyFox HD. ChickyFox HD is a whimsical children's music video app that children can sing along with.

ChickyFox HD is a music video app for children ages 3 and above. The app features two ChickyFox songs with different styles which both feature smooth and funny 2D artwork and animation to entertain your kids with. The two music videos could be found on the main menu of the app along with a short background story about them, which can be read by a narrator by tapping the "Read for Me" button. After that, users need only to press the "Play" button to play the full screen HD music video of their choice. The song melody and lyrics are whimsical and funny while the colorful artwork and animation support the theme very well. Extra features include photos of the ChickyFox characters with taglines like "Let's Play Daddy" and "Lollipop Love" that can be saved to your device's photo album.

ChickyFox HD combines catchy melodies, whimsical lyrics, colorful artwork, and smooth animations to give children a music video app, which they can have fun, enjoy, and sing along with. Although this is a simple app, children will definitely be playing with this again and again.

Happy Ring Ring currently offers a branded intellectual property asset such as short form musical animation, video ringtones, singing comic, web apps and children's music video iPad app for the youngest children ages 3 and above. The company said it would continue expanding the research and development in the iPhone and the iPad game.

Main Features:
- 2 in 1 version: Two high definition videos with two different music genres
- Photos: The best six tagline wallpapers
- Read for me: This app will read it for your children

Main Characters:
- Chicky Dad
- Chicky Mom
- Chicky Chilly (The Pink One)
- More characters coming soon

ChickyFox HD 1.0 for iPad is $2.99 (USD) and available worldwide excsluively through the iTunes App Store in the Entertainment category.

via PR Mac

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