Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower launched by Haypi Co., Ltd.

Haypi Monster:The Lost Tower (AppStore Link)
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Haypi Monster:The Lost Tower
Developer: Haypi Co., Ltd.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Haypi Co., Ltd. is thrilled to announce the launch of Lost Tower for iOS - Haypi's first EDU game. The new release is a spin on the Pokémon theme, and to be more exact, Haypi's "Pocket Monsters" theme - Haypi Monster. In fact, the game contains lots of strategic and adventure elements, that create real excitement. Haypi welcomes players into the magic world where over two hundred various critters roam the lands of Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower.

A committee has asked all the monster trainers to explore the Lost Tower and find a new source of energy for the elements that form the land - water, fire, plant, earth, electric, ice, ghost and psychic elements. Dark forces destroyed the harmony of the peaceful life of the creatures from the 8 elements. The critters became short-tempered and started to fight each other. The committee assigns tasks to monster trainers to explore the different lands of the Lost Tower. Each floor on the Tower leads to a different world. The powers of the elements increase with every floor. The aim of this adventure is to reach the top! Only the most experienced trainer can reach it and become the greatest hero.

Each player starts the journey as a new monster trainer, who brings Abby the bunny from the fire rabbit clan into the Lost Tower. The adventure meets the trainer with the hundreds of amusing monsters, who can be captured and tamed. Each of them belongs to one of the 8 elements and has advantages or disadvantages over monsters from other elements. For example, Abby from the fire element is stronger than the adorable little cactus Prickly, who belongs to the plant element. Prickly, however, has advantages over the cute shark Katch of the water element. Each monster also possesses a unique set of well-designed set of skills and talents that should be used wisely. These make each battle completely unique and exciting!

Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower 1.0.3 is completely Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. The game offers in-game purchases. Have you collected all the monsters that you want? The Lost Tower is suitable and fun for all ages and walks of life!

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