HedgeHog releases CircleTime Lite 1.0 for iOS - A new calendar

CircleTime Lite (AppStore Link)
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CircleTime Lite
Developer: Dejan Durini
Price: free Download on the App Store

CircleTime is a calendar unlike any before. In the desire to present its advantages to the entire world, its authors have now also released a free edition 'CircleTime Lite', which offers insight into the concept of the new calendar. CircleTime is undoubtedly a calendar of the future, which transcends the presentation of the already established calendar - a calendar made centuries ago with its presentation dictated by a limited technology of that era, of writing and rewriting on the then-known medium.

Today, in a world of extraordinary technological advancement, we can finally allow ourselves to overcome these limitations. And that is exactly what needed to be done in regard to a calendar whose presentation in all this time hasn't received a single update.

The new calendar takes us to a whole new understanding of time. Understanding which was up until now hidden, and used to be known to but a few individuals who created the calendaric presentation that obfuscated not only knowledge of time, but also that of our solar system.

Now that we are already familiar with these once secrets, came the time to return the calendar, with the use of a modern technology, back to its natural form - a circle, which represents cycles in nature, seasons and their continual repeating.

Implementation of the new calendar was only made possible by the modern electronic gadgets, and it is currently available for the Apple iOS devices. By providing the wonderful technology, these devices allow presentation and handling in a user-friendly manner. This way the calendar uses every benefit of the iOS environment, but offering a long forgotten yet fresh-new time presentation.

CircleTime is compatible with iCloud and other accounts which makes it extremely useful. "We wanted to have a calendar that actually tells us something about time, and we haven't found a single reason to be content with the established presentation made from rows and columns, which barely tells us anything." said Dejan Durini, one of the inventors of the new calendar.

CircleTime Lite 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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