Hidden Artifact Agency by Hullabu rockets to the top of Apple App Store

Hidden Artifacts: A Free Object Finding Investigation for iPhone and iPad (AppStore Link)
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Hidden Artifacts: A Free Object Finding Investigation for iPhone and iPad
Developer: RealNetworks, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

It's rare to find a new contender in the increasingly competitive Apple App Store. This weekend, startup firm Hullabu, Inc's latest free to play hidden object game, Hidden Artifact Agency, appears to be racing up the charts. This beautifully mastered hidden object game is the 10th game from the game publisher, and the second to hit "Top 10" status, following it's widely popular episodic adventure game, A Wizard's Curse. With over 25,000 Facebook followers on the company's fan page, it's game-on for Hullabu players!

In Hidden Artifact Agency the player acts as an Agent for the fictional firm, solving crimes and recovering stolen artifacts. After a short but helpful tutorial level and cut scene, the player is launched into a case regarding a missing Mayan calendar. Visiting meticulously drawn locations across Rome, the player uncovers the truth of the missing calendar and works to return it to its proprietor.

Throughout the case it becomes clear that not everyone the player encounters is being honest and you'll need to get to the bottom of the case, even if it means creating less than upstanding alliances. The game is free to play and is available on iPad. The popular franchise will be available on the PC and Android platforms before the end of the year.

Hidden Artifact Agency 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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