High School Spanish App Revolutionizes How Students Study Spanish

High School Spanish - Best Dictionary App for Learning Spanish & Studying Vocabulary (AppStore Link)
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High School Spanish - Best Dictionary App for Learning Spanish & Studying Vocabulary
Developer: Common Ground International, LLC
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

Common Ground International today is proud to announce High School Spanish, a dynamic Spanish study app, is helping students become more proficient in the language. Developed by Spanish teachers, this all-in-one app helps students improve grades and acquire more Spanish. The app is comprehensive, feature-rich and gives students the upper hand in their classes and on tests.

"This Spanish study app is a must have for any Spanish student because it goes beyond making homework and studying for tests easier - it actually improves your Spanish proficiency" says Rory Foster of Common Ground International, the app developer. "Spending just a few bucks for getting good grades and actually being comfortable with the Spanish language is a smart choice. High School Spanish is the only Spanish study app you need for immediate success with the language."

The app is unique just for blending its five main sections of information and practice into one application: a Spanish / English dictionary with thesaurus, a Spanish grammar reference, writing tips, vocabulary flashcards, and comprehension tests. But the developers didn't stop there; in their current version 1.7 they have integrated text-to-speech (so users can hear Spanish words pronounced), Quizlet.com flashcards for studying, and culturally relevant comprehension tests.

The bilingual dictionary and thesaurus include more than 30,000 words that are stored locally on the device; no internet is needed to access. Users tap the speaker icon to hear any word pronounced, and they tap the word to see the translation, common expressions, synonyms and antonyms. It also supports word translations through Word Reference. If a user searches for a word that does not exist in the dictionary already, it can be found using the 'get the translation' option.

The comprehensive grammar reference is full of easy to follow instructions and examples of how to properly use the most difficult grammar concepts in the Spanish language (ex. Por vs Para, the Subjunctive, Preterit vs Imperfect, etc). In addition to all 14 verb tenses being conjugated with examples, the teachers/developers have included mnemonics and songs for easy recall of irregular verbs and difficult grammar concepts.

The writing tips section assists students in formatting their papers correctly and provides them varied vocabulary for writing compositions. A key feature that students will love is the list of important transition vocabulary and composition words that help students score high on their Spanish writing assignments.

The flashcards contain more than 3,000 common Spanish words used in writing and conversation. Users can edit and organize words how they wish in their personal folder. Users can add dictionary words to their flashcards with one tap. Another new feature is the Quizlet.com integration; it's an in-app purchase that gives users instant access to thousands of flashcard sets from Quizlet.com, and allows them to get flashcards directly from their teachers.

The Comprehension section is loaded with authentic reading and listening resources designed to help students test their reading and listening comprehension. The reading and listening selections are thematically varied, culturally relevant, and leveled so that all students (beginners - advanced) can practice reading authentic texts and listening to native Spanish speakers from around the world. Sample test scores are provided immediately so that students can learn from their mistakes and improve their comprehension.

The developers say they have integrated everything students need to study easily and improve their Spanish proficiency. They update content regularly throughout the comprehension, flashcard, and dictionary sections; and they are proud to have raised the standard for language study apps.

High School Spanish 1.7 costs $4.99 (USD) and it is available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Education category. The Quizlet in-app purchase is available for $0.99.

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