HipGeo Releases Ultimate Social Travel Blogging App for iPhone

HipGeo - Social Travel Blog, Trip, Vacation and Adventure Sharing (AppStore Link)
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HipGeo - Social Travel Blog, Trip, Vacation and Adventure Sharing
Developer: Critical Pursuits
Price: free Download on the App Store

HipGeo has released a complete redesign releasing a travel-focused app for the iPhone that provides the most complete interface on the market for users to track, document and share their travels. The free HipGeo is designed to let mobile phone users post text, places, and photos which are recorded, organized and displayed around a user's travels or places graph.

HipGeo's Chief Product Guy, Rich Rygg says, "Our new update adds visual, location-based discovery and open social features. We're giving users the easiest set of tools to record a vacation, trip or event, instantly share with family, friends and the world, or later edit and post at their leisure. After we first launched HipGeo Trips, which allowed users to create animated slide shows of their activities, they requested more of a blog-like display to share their travels or trip journals, so we responded with this natural redesign. Traveling users can now post text, photos, and places of their experiences, combining interest and social graphs with a places graph. If Tumblr and Foursquare had a baby, it would look like the new HipGeo."

The specific "blogging-friendly" updates to the app include:

  • Enhanced photo and map displays.
  • Crowd sourced "place blogs."
  • Easier options for following members of the HipGeo community, and finding content by using tags such as "nearby," "featured" and "interesting."
  • New on-the-fly editing, sharing and privacy controls.
  • Passive "always-on" tracking that works in the background even without a cellular signal, and location caching for uploading later.

"The HipGeo platform allows us to quickly develop and release apps which use GPS data to deliver location and travel information. Our technology makes quick modifications rather straightforward allowing us to quickly adapt to both user and developer requests, such as our latest blog like format. You'll see more and more great features at an accelerated pace in future releases. Our API is also publicly available to developers to add a WHERE to their WHEN and we're excited to see how they add on to our platform," says CEO Scott Daniel.

HipGeo launched its travel-tracking app in September 2011. Users can download HipGeo from the Apple App Store and then record and share their trips through Facebook, Twitter, email, text or with an embedded HipGeo player on their blogs or web sites. Viewers of these trips can then see animated maps of the user's travels as well as slide shows of photos organized by location. Travelers can also share information such as locations, routes, places, comments, and photos.

HipGeo (www.hipgeo.com) is a Los Angeles-based developer of a location-aware website and smartphone apps that automatically create a record of the places users go. APIs will be open to third-party developers by the end of 2011.

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  • Alexia H

    The upgrade feature is fantastic, not that I did not enjoy hipgeo before. The fact that developers are continuing to work on getting more features is outstanding. I love sharing my vacations, especially since I work very hard to earn my vacation time at Dish. Then I plan an exotic place to visit, and share using hipgeo. I carry along my dish remote access on my iPad 2 in case I miss a connection, so I can enjoy a movie I’ve recorded, and relax to avoid stressing out. Look out Italy; here I come!