Hub: Home and Family Organizer Brings Shared Calendars and Lists Home

Hub Family Organizer: Shared Calendar, Grocery & Shopping To-Do List (AppStore Link)
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Hub Family Organizer: Shared Calendar, Grocery & Shopping To-Do List
Developer: Ironark, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Available for iOS and Android, Hub is the new app that keeps your home and family organized. Share calendars, lists, tasks and everything you need to stay organized. Couples, parents and entire families use Hub to manage their busy lives and keep things running smoothly.

Hub syncs with your existing calendars and lets you share important events from them. Members of your hub can also send you important events that will get synced into your main calendar. It works with any calendar (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or anything else). Everyone will always know what's going on and where to be. "Put it on the calendar" and you're done.

Shared lists let you share, to-dos, grocery lists, shopping lists, projects and anything you need to keep track of together. Everything is synced instantly and notifications keep you up to date on important changes. Hub is the center of your organized life and makes it easy to stay in sync with everyone around you. It's fast, beautiful and an essential part of every day.

Key Features:
* Calendar sharing that just works. Easily share events and keep everyone in sync.
* Syncs with any of your existing calendars (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc)
* Instantly share lists & tasks. Manage to-dos, groceries, projects & more.
* Share notes, photos & messages to keep everyone in sync.
* Create multiple hubs to stay organized with different groups of people.

Hub - Home & Family Organizer 1.0.33 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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