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Developer: Vitalii Vashchenko
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TOVVV Studio today is pleased to announce that their application, the Humanist, is now available exclusively for iPhone/iPod touch. The Humanist is a unique solution based on scientific researches, which helps learn about personal traits of any person, possibility of doing business with him, and foretell probable outcome of a meeting with that person for every day.

By entering a date of birth in the Humanist, users will receive detailed information about their character structure. The Humanist imports all contacts from the address book containing date of birth. This way, users may learn about individual traits of any person, his influence on user, and the attitude toward joint business in different spheres. An inbuilt calendar offers the most unusual possibilities, including forecasts for user for every day. They differ depending on physical, psychological, and intellectual characteristics which vary from day to day, and will help users plan any activities accordingly.

In addition, the calendar marks good and critical days for each of these characteristics. And since these processes take place in everybody, the Humanist offers a unique possibility to create a meeting and receive a forecast of its possible outcome. At the same time, all meetings are automatically recorded in the system calendar, so users are assured to receive a reminder of an upcoming event. It is also worth noting that in the course of development of this application we consulted with the experts in this field, so we have no doubts concerning the accuracy of results.

Humanist uses exclusively the scientifically tested and proved methods. Therefore, the algorithms use the formulas created and proven by many scientists. And, unlike other biorhythm apps, Humanist uses most precise biorhythm formula with float phases, so its results are really accurate.

Supported Languages:
- US English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian

Humanist 1.6 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. Please, visit our website to receive detailed information about the Humanist, including screenshots, video, and logos.

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