i-Free Innovations and Creat Studios Send Users on a Dream Cruise

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Dream Cruise HD
Developer: SMS Services O.o.o.
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i-Free Innovations, a leading Russian mobile game and apps producer, together with Creat Studios, a successful developer of games for PlayStation, announce the release of Dream Cruise 1.7 for iPad, an adventure game that lets users travel the world on a luxury liner in search of a missing millionaire and his yacht. Dream Cruise combines a rich plotline and reactive gameplay with a new approach to simulation games. Unlike other business simulators, players must constantly manage their own assets (in this case an ocean-going yacht) using arcade-like gameplay; there's no need to wait for hours or days for an upgrade or new facility to progress through the game.

At the game's outset, a fabulous ocean-going yacht belonging to your millionaire relative has disappeared, and you must find it at whatever cost. In the course of your investigation, you'll get to know charming assistants, visit dozens of cities and holiday resorts, and meet famous stars as you step by step come closer to solving the mystery of the missing ship.

The main action takes place as you sail from port to port, and your goal is to earn as much money as possible as you go. To do this, you must monitor passengers' preferences, upgrade the on-board shops that are most interesting to them, close unsuccessful stores, fill empty shelves with new goods, and clear out the ship's inventory.

The more your passengers are happy with the quality of goods and services, the more money will accrue to your coffers. When you're in port, you can also upgrade and redecorate the ship using your acquired wealth. Success will attract celebrities to the ship - Michael Jackson may even return from the grave to help you celebrate your good fortune. Players can also complete a number of different entertainment-related tasks.

The key to success on your Dream Cruise is to make fast decisions. To make this as easy as possible, the developers have ensured that any action in the game can be performed in a single tap, so you can react quickly without neglecting important financial decisions.

The colorful graphics take a cartoon approach that will appeal to all ages. As you travel the world, your location changes, and the passage of time is simulated through a dynamic alternation of day and night.

Dream Cruise is available for download on the App Store worldwide. Download your copy today!

About Creat Studios:
Creat Studios Inc. is a premier digital download publisher and developer of online, console and mobile games. Founded in 1990, Creat's corporate headquarters are located in Canton, Mass. Creat Studios develops and publishes titles for Sony PSP, PlayStation3, Nintendo DS(TM), Nintendo DSiWare(TM), Wii(TM), Microsoft Xbox 360, Apple iPhone and iPad, and Google Android. For more information, please visit Creat Studios online.

Dream Cruise 1.7 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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