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iCarbs - iNutrient: Carbohydrates (AppStore Link)
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iCarbs - iNutrient: Carbohydrates
Developer: James Hollender
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Indie developer James Hollender has announced iCarbs - iNutrients: Carbohydrates 3.0 for iOS, a new version of his Health & Fitness app that lists the carbohydrate content of more than 1,100 different foods. Broken down into seven Categories or as a complete, alphabetical list with search function, users can lookup and record their daily intake of carbs. Each listing includes nine pertinent facts about the food, and this 3.0 update allows users to create custom serving sizes for any item. The app is invaluable for dieters, diabetics, bodybuilders, and those with a need to monitor their intake of carbohydrates.

The app offers three different kinds of lookup: Search, Alphabetical, or Category. Users can enter any search term to query the database's 1,100 entries (some entries have multiple names). Alphabetical searches of the complete list is simplified through a thumb index, which opens any letter of the alphabet immediately. Finally, users can search alphabetically through any of seven category listings: Fast Foods; Fruits & Vegetables; Meat, Fish & Shellfish; Dairy & Eggs; Cereal Grains & Pasta; Sweets; and Snacks. The database is truly encyclopedic. For example, looking up "Milk" brings up more than 35 different listings.

Feature Highlights:
- Lookup, customize, and record daily carbohydrate intake
- Comprehensive database of foods based on the USDA National Nutrient Database
- Lookup by Search, Category, or Alphabetical
- More than 1,100 foods listed
- Includes listings for Fast Foods

Having located the item sought, touching the listing opens a full page, including a photo of the food (some items), plus nine different entries. For example, touching the listing "Reduced Fat Milk," brings up a photo and the following nine entries: Full Name: Reduced Fat Milk, 2% Milk Fat; Weight: 244 grams; Common Measure: 1 cup; Carbohydrate Content: 11.71 grams (moderate-Code Yellow); Calories: 122; Description: Milk, reduced fat, fluid, 2% milkfat, with added vitamin A and vitamin D; Food Group: Dairy and Egg Products; and USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference: NDB ID: 01079.

Color-Coded Entries (Cooler the color, the lower the amount of Carbohydrates):
- Black = Rated Extremely High in Carbohydrates (45.01 - 166.46 g)
- Dark Red = Rated Very High in Carbs (30.01 - 45.00 g)
- Red = Rated High in Carbs (15.01 - 30.0 g)
- Orange = Rated Moderately High in Carbs (12.01 - 15.00 g)
- Yellow = Rated Moderate in Carbs (9.01 - 12.00 g)
- Yellow-Green = Rated Moderately Low in Carbs (6.01 - 9.00 g)
- Green = Rated Low in Carbs (3.01 - 6.00 g)
- Cyan = Rated Very Low in Carbs (0.01 - 3.00 g)
- White = Rated Extremely Low in Carbs (0.00 g)

Touching the Record button on the top right to add an item to the user's daily food intake, the carb-watcher can specify a serving size between .1 and 9.9 times the standard serving of 244 grams. New in version 3.0 of iCarbs is the ability to create custom serving sizes between 1 and 500 grams in 0.1 gram increments. Users can easily dial in the exact serving size using a slider and buttons for extra fine control of their selection. With the serving size adjusted, users just touch the Record button in the top right to have the revised entry added to their daily intake.

Records of servings are kept for a full year before being automatically deleted from the database. Recorded servings can be edited to change the date or number of servings. They can also be deleted if necessary.

In addition to helping users limit their daily carbohydrate consumption, the app includes five comprehensive articles to help the user get the most from the app: What Are Carbohydrates?, Carbohydrates & Diabetes, How to Use This App, Highest Protein Foods, and About this App. iCarbs - iNutrients: Carbohydrates is the second in a series of eight iNutrient apps, all based on the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

The other seven apps are:
- iCals - iNutrients: Calories
- iCholesterol - iNutrients: Dietary Cholesterol
- iFiber - iNutrients: Fiber
- iProteins - iNutrients: Proteins
- iSatFat - iNutrients: Saturated Fat
- iSugars - iNutrients: Sugars
- Vitamin K - iNutrients: Vitamins K1, K1D and K2

At opposite ends of the spectrum, for bodybuilders, those looking to put on some serious muscle mass, iCarbs can help them revamp their diet to see the best results; for diabetics, needing to monitor blood glucose and insulin, iCarbs will help restrict their carbohydrate intake, which will lead to a long and healthy life.

"Now a Universal App, iCarbs - iNutrients: Carbohydrates 3.0 is the most comprehensive, authoritative, and convenient iOS app available for keeping a record of daily carbohydrate consumption," stated Indie developer James Hollender. "And now users can create serving sizes for any of the 1,100 listings to suit their needs."

iCarbs - iNutrients: Carbohydrates 3.0.1 is $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

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