IDareU is First App that Enables Bets and Dares with Facebook Friends

i Dare U - Let's see what you've got (AppStore Link)
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i Dare U - Let's see what you've got
Developer: iApps Technologies Ltd.
Price: free Download on the App Store

People of all ages who are interested in an incredibly fun and original way to enjoy some friendly competition with their friends, can now download the unique new no-cost app IDareU from Umbrella Business Development Ltd. Deriving its name from the phrase "I-dare-you", IDareU is the world's first betting platform that enables bets and dares among Facebook friends, and features a judge who determines winners and losers. The process plays out in five stages:

1. Using tokens instead of money, users place friendly bets and dares with their Facebook friends on any topic imaginable.
2. Once the parties have confirmed their participation, they mutually choose a judge, who is paid via tokens when the game is over.
3. The judge chooses a winner based on evidence, research or some other suitable criteria.
4. The judge sends proof of the victory, which the winner can proudly share with his or her Facebook friends.
5. The winner collects his or her tokens, while the loser has his or her tokens deducted.

Other key IDareU features include the ability to:
* Post and share on social networks at any time
* Upload a picture of the happy winner - or the sore loser
* Select cool and fun options for bets and punishments
* Place bets with friends in any language
* Easily track statistics of prior bets
* Conveniently access the Facebook interface at any time

"What really makes IDareU special and unique from other betting apps is that it uses a judge to determine the winner," commented Saar Danon of Umbrella Business Development Ltd. "Plus, users can place bets, or propose or accept dares, on anything in the world. That means they'll never get bored, and each game is new, exciting and fresh. The only limit is their imagination!" IDareU is an incredibly fun and original new no-cost app that lets users enjoy some friendly competition with their Facebook friends.

IDareU 1.0.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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