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Developer: Mindwarm Incorporated
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Mindwarm Incorporated, the developers of AddToTravel, has released IdSideOut 3.0, the first Android and iPhone app that reads your innermost thoughts and displays them for you and your friends to see. Shine a light on the dark corners of your mind - explore the outer limits of your inner self!

Wander through the fantasy Freudian back-roads of your you. The bubbling caldron of your Id lies just below the serene surface of your personality. IdSide-Out exposes these secret dreams and hidden fears, your saintly hopes and animal urges, as well as your deepest nightmares.

- Are you driven by sex?
- Are you afraid of love? Or lipstick? Or carrots?

And Why?

It is a strange and misty world. Interpreting these visions may not be as easy as you first assume. Reception is best when broadcast directly from your forehead. These captures are so insubstantial that only one replay [<] can be retained.

But this is sufficient for you to see what your friends just saw projected from your forehead. Have fun examining the possible interpretations of these scenes from IdSide-Out, your window to the mind. IdSideOut is played when you hold your phone to someone's forehead, tap or shake the phone, see the images, then when the replay symbol "<" appears, bring the phone down and show the replay to your friend.

IdSideOut 3.0 is only 99 cents (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Entertainment category. idSideOut1 and idSideOut2 are available worldwide through the Google Play Market in the Games (Brain & Puzzle) category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request. Follow IdSideOut on Twitter at @idsideout

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