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Puzzles and Monsters
Developer: iFree Studio Limited
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Puzzles and Monsters, just released on 18 March 2013, is a popular on-line mobile game themed on monsters and combining various classic playing for multi-players. The two core playing methods are eliminating Jewels and fostering monsters. As a summoner in the game, the player explores the dangerous Underworld Cities and fights against the enemy by dominating all kinds of monsters. He who ever meets the game shall absolutely be absorbed by its novel Jewels eliminations, fun battle operations and distinctive monsters!

Puzzles and Monsters has been very much favoured by players since its initial release. iFree Studio offers several events to thank all fans:

Event 1 - [Bi-Weekly] The War of Fate!
Time: April.27th (EST)
Content: Unfortunate Gift - Pandora's Box is open again! Will it offer hope, or desperation? During the event, the dungeon [The War of Fate!] offers you a chance to get 5-Star God pets: Egg of The Fate of Pandora.

Event 2 - [Bi-Weekly] Twelve Trials!
Time: April 28th (EST)
Content: Twelve Trials - Heracles' War is open again! To Fight as a God! During the event, the dungeon [Twelve Trials!] offers you a chance to get 5-Star God pets: Egg of Hero Hercules.

Event 3 - [Raffle] Destruction! Wrath of the Titans!
Time: April 25th - April 9st (EST)
Content: During the event, you'll have a 200% increased chance of getting God Pets from the 'Magic Stones'.

Event 4 - [Raffle] Royal decree! Five god pets are coming!
Time: April 25th - April.9st (EST)
Content: Five more new god pets have been added into the "Magic Stone" raffle - Five mysterious masked gods are coming soon!
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Puzzles and Monsters 1.3 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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