iLightningCam 3.21 - Real-Time Lightning Photography for iPhone

iLightningCam - Lightning Strike Photography (AppStore Link)
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iLightningCam - Lightning Strike Photography
Developer: Florian Stiassny
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Florian Stiassny today is proud to announce iLightningcam is a Real-Time Lightning Photography App for iPhone (4 and 4S) that enables everyone to take spectacular real lightning pictures with full photo resolution with an iPhone. The developer Florian Stiassny, a medical student from Vienna, Austria, is pleased to announce another substantial update of his app 'iLightningCam' with tons of improvements.

In life before iPhone, a lighting strike was hard to capture with professional equipment and almost impossible with a mobile cell phone camera. As opposed to a DSLR this app works free hand. Just point your iPhone towards the scene/part of the sky/thunderstorm where you expect the next lightning, start iLightningCam and wait. The app will automatically press the shutter if a lightning is detected in your view. In addition, it offers the first ever ISO control for iPhone, which is the only way to capture lightning during night without overexposure. It offers full photo resolution without interpolation.

New features in iLightningcam 3.21:
- Improved Night Mode with
- First ever true ISO control on iPhone
- Infinite run without user interaction
- New extensive manual
- New advanced mode for expert users
- Big performance improvement
- Multiple shots of a single lightning possible
- Draining less battery, optimized code
- Better exposure control
- ULTRA Mode: An new and completely additional detection algorithm

Warning from the developer: Thunderstorms are obviously dangerous and life threatening for everyone and not healthy for iPhones either. Take care using this app! Do not take any risks and avoid exposure to thunderstorms. Use this App only in lightning and storm protected places. And - everyone is solely responsible for your actions and adverse consequences. There is a full safety warning included in the instructions page.

iLightningCam 3.21 is $0.99 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

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