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Essay Writing Workstation
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Summer is an excellent time to get ready for the next school year. With more college and high school students attending summer sessions than ever before, Niles Writing apps for iPad and iPhone are perfect for making sure students get the most out of composition and remedial writing courses. Based on a critical thinking pedagogy, Niles apps emphasize the understanding of the audience and the use of logical, scaffolding argument construction. Niles apps effectively teach writing fundamentals.

Schools and parents use summer sessions for student skills improvement. Writing has become a focal point because it is the lowest scoring section of most standardized tests, particularly the SAT. The problem identified as most troublesome is development of a consistent writing process. This is not surprising because schools have to deal with students of varying skill, and it is difficult to give individual instruction. Niles Technology apps are a solution for schools to effectively and to efficiently give each student a dependable writing methodology. The apps also assist parents wanting to further develop their children's writing skills outside the formal school environment.

Specificity is what separates Niles Technology apps from other mobile writing products. Each essay assignment is unique and only teaching students a few generic essay protocols explains why many get stumped by more complex writing prompts; generic instructions help but so much. There is nothing generic about Niles Technology apps. With instructions for over forty types of essays, there is a critically structured guideline for just about any writing assignment. Student reviews speak for themselves, and you are invited to visit our website to see what students are saying.

Parents, teachers and schools are discovering the efficacy of Niles Technology apps. Each month, school volume purchases of the apps increase, which indicates that the use of mobile technology in schools is becoming more commonplace. Parents are also catching on because Essay Workstation 2.1 is the No. 1 gifted app in the Niles inventory. Middle School Writing 1.0 and High School Writing 3.0 are virtually tied as solid No. 2 bestsellers, with both parents and schools purchasing the apps. The Niles app catalog can be seen in the App Store by simply entering "Niles" in the iTunes search.

Essay Writing Workstation 2.1 is $24.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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