In Arrivo HD Adds Raft of New In-App Upgrades as Part of Major Overhaul

In Arrivo! HD - Buses, taxi, metros, trip calculations and sharing for the environment conscious visitor to the Eternal city (AppStore Link)
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In Arrivo! HD - Buses, taxi, metros, trip calculations and sharing for the environment conscious visitor to the Eternal city
Developer: Fabrizio Bartolomucci
Price: $3.99 Download on the App Store

MiaFoto today is proud to announce version 7.1 of location-aware iPhone app allows for true forward planning of travel through Rome and Milan.

Travellers and tourists alike will welcome new features available in the latest version of the hit social travel app In Arrivo HD, helping to make it even easier to get around the Italian capital. App users can see the sites, get to work or make new friends using their iPhone or iPad.

The new Time Machine module allows travellers to plan and save journeys and activities in advance. Users can now set a time and date at which they need to book a taxi, allowing them to keep track of the journey within In Arrivo HD. They can also trigger notifications of bus arrivals, or publish paths to In Arrivo's social network, providing other users with more opportunity to plan meetings. Using the advance planning function of Time Machine, travellers can automate much of their schedule as they travel through Rome, allowing them to focus on other activities.

Said Lead Developer Fabrizio Bartolomucci, "The addition of Time Machine allows users to plan and trigger actions in advance, so they can spend more time enjoying the Eternal City, rather than worrying about how to use local transport, or getting from A to B."

In Arrivo users may also choose the Teleport module add-on, allowing them to trigger travel events based at a different location. Users may now check bus timetables at a point elsewhere in the city for instance, providing useful information whilst planning sightseeing in the capital. Teleport can also be used to verify transport availability in advance, or create social paths anywhere in the city, without the need to be physically standing at the start point as was the case previously.

When combined, Time Machine and Teleport transform In Arrivo into a complete automated travel app. Businesses can now use the scheduling functions of Time Machine to book taxis for clients in advance from the local airport to their office using the Teleport co-ordinates, reducing their own administrative burden and providing a seamless service to clients.

"By purchasing both Time Machine and Teleport upgrades," explained Bartolomucci, "travellers can now automate their entire itinerary, removing much of the guesswork of getting from A to B as they travel. In Arrivo has also become a powerful tool for helping others navigate the city. "

Both Teleport and Time Machine are available as in app purchases and ship as part of a number of new enhancements to the core In Arrivo HD update. Other updates include improved animation of bus movements providing more accurate visual updates for instance. A Spanish localisation has also been added, allowing even more travellers to take advantage of the In Arrivo route planning system. Teleport and Time Machine routes can also be synced via iCloud, allowing even greater flexibility for users with more than one iOS device.

In Arrivo 7.1 is compatible with all devices running iOS 7 and higher. A live internet connection is required for timetable data to be downloaded from the ATAC website although bus stops and route details are available without one. Free WiFi access is available in all McDonalds restaurants for foreign visitors.

In Arrivo! HD 7.1 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category.

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