Radballs: New Arcade Puzzler Interacts With Players Music Library


Glow Play and (Alinear Studio are launching an arcade puzzler that will interact with a players' own music on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Radballs the Game takes classic puzzle action to a new level with over-the-top visual style and a deep connection to music where the game not only moves to the beat but also transforms, scratches, stutters and filters the soundtrack based on play.

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Developer: Glow Play Inc.
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"This is far from your typical 'line up some gems' puzzler," stated Ted Kacandes of Glow Play. "What we've created is a game like never before, a stylized action-puzzle game where the music becomes a big part of the experience. Players can use the original included soundtrack or their own favorite songs from iTunes. This gives fans of various games -- from Bejeweled to Tetris to DJ Hero -- an entirely new, next-level outlet in mobile gaming and fans of music a new avenue to enjoy their tracks in a playful new way." 

The objective of the game is to use fluid, touch-based controls to move and match colored Radballs into groups that are destroyed in time with the beat. This classic puzzle mechanic is amplified by a deep connection to the music, where players can scratch and control the beat by interacting with the "beat wave" — a visual indicator of musical time — that affects both the music and timing of the game. Throughout the uniquely styled levels — all visually influenced by 1980's poster and vintage graphic design -- players can scratch the beat like a DJ for extra energy while mastering chain reactions and special power-ups for a higher score. With full support for Apple's Game Center and Facebook Connect, players can easily share their achievements and challenge their friends to see who can claim the most Radness!

"The way music both complements and becomes part of the fabric of the game is unprecedented," added Neil Voss, president of Alinear Studio. "It's not as if you have to button-mash to the beat or that the music stands in the way of the play. Rather, it adds a compelling sense of rhythm and flow to the otherwise addictive and unblinking puzzle action and rewards players with crazy transformations of their music based on what they do."

The original soundtrack for Radballs® was produced by Neil Voss (of Nintendo's Tetrisphere and New Tetris fame) and features original electro jams, remixes of OK Go's hits "White Knuckles" and "End Love," as well as guest tracks from emerging artists Com Truise (Ghostly International), MisfitChris and Daze. And since players can easily use the songs from their own music libraries, the music literally never stops!

Radballs Gameplay Trailer


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