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Developer: Tania Moise
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Student attendance viewer will help you keep track of your classes and student. Indie developer Tania Moise is proud to introduce Instructor's Roll Call 1.0 for iOS. Instructor's Roll Call is the most essential and complete app for sports Instructors, coaches, teachers and personal trainers. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Instructor's Roll Call provides a total business management solution that gives you the power to operate your business with a single app. All admin and students' information is stored on your mobile phone or iPad thus eliminating paperwork. All information is totally private, no one else has access unless you want them to. This app is user friendly and quick and easy to use.

Instructor's Roll Call's additional features enables you to generate student report, certificates and forecast an event. Not only that, but it's additional features enables you to manage and rationalise all the financial calculations on basis of day, week and monthly earnings. You are also able to generate invoices and receipts.

Features Include:
* Create, view, edit and keep your customers/students/groups details organised
* Create, view, edit and keep lessons/groups/days/weeks/term timetable details organised
* Email and texting functions allow messaging to customers/students/groups & staff
* Mark, view, edit, keep and track attendance history of your students and their classes
* Create, view, edit and Keep daily/weekly/monthly/yearly calendar
* Create, view, edit and keep a waiting list for students waiting for future enrollment
* Display and manage all court usage times and schedules at your fingertips
* View up-to-date class schedules for all of your instructors
* Track, view, edit and keep all students/customers/staff payment information

Financial Features Include:
* Daily Takings
* Daily Expenses
* Can be tracked daily/weekly/yearly and up-to-date balance report

Texts and Emails - You can send texts and emails to all your students or only designated students to notify them of:
* Events
* Certificates
* Pro Shop Specials
* Re-stringing Reminders
* Student Reports
* Invoices/Receipts

Instructor's Roll Call is the Complete Package!

Instructor's Roll Call 1.0 is $24.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

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