Introducing Wordsalad for iPad - Your salads, redefined

Wordsalad - Your salads, redefined - Lite Edition (AppStore Link)
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Wordsalad - Your salads, redefined - Lite Edition
Developer: Libero Spagnolini
Price: free Download on the App Store

Libero Spagnolini today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Wordsalad 1.1, the incredible iPad app that lets you create beautiful wordclouds (wordsalads) in a matter of seconds. The real fun starts when you create different wordclouds that Wordsalad is able to make. Based on a streamlined and super easy to use interface, Wordsalad sports 5 layout algorithm, 8 great fonts and 8 different palettes for your creations.

Core Features:
- Import any text from iOS clipboard with a single tap
- Customize your salads with 8 great fonts
- Color your salads with 8 great palettes
- Feeling creative? WordSalad gives you 5 layouts to position your words
- Save your salads to camera roll for later reuse and export them to pdf (with vector graphics)
- Share you salads to social networks

Thanks to state of the art Natural Language Processing technologies that ship with iOS, Wordsalad is able to detect the language your text is in to filter out the most boring and insignificant words. This is just to give you the content you really care about, if you need every word to show up, there's an option for that too!

Still in doubts? Here some real here some real use case:
- Need to brainstorm on a document and need a quick way to highlight the words that matter most? Try a wordsalad
- Need to express your ideas in a different way? Tired of the old PowerPoint thing? Try a wordsalad
- Need to market a message? Make a poster out of the text of your favourite song? Send a funky love letter? Again Wordsalad is a great fit

Wordsalad 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. You can try out all the features of the app with a little watermark. If you want to remove it you can buy the in app purchase unlock and you are ready to go.

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