CueTab Inventors Use Kickstarter to Launch Protective iPad Case

CueTab funded through Kickstarter

CueTab in use with an over the wrist strap that doubles as a carrying handle.

The path to finding funding for a high tech start-up is well charted. Find a venture capitalist or an angel investor who likes your idea, your website or new high tech gadget, and you're in the chips. But where do mid-tech companies go for funding?

Entrepreneurs' Nonso Ejidike and Hugh Leh need $17,000 by February 24th to fund the final development of their product the CueTab ( a multi-function, state-of-the-art carrying and shock case for the iPad2.

Ejidike found the answer to their funding quest, “let's ask for funding on” is a new form of financing called Crowdfunding - the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money together, usually via the Internet, in order to finance products created by others.

Leh and Ejidike think is just right for the CueTab.

“CueTab is light weight, with a sleek design and handle options that prevent iPads from slipping out of your hands and dropping. The built in stand also gives the user multiple adjustable viewing angles,” said Ejidike. It's green, it's colorful, it's made in America, it's priced right and it's packaged in America with environmentally friendly and safe materials.

“We invested our money to research and design the product, manufacture several test CueTabs and create a great website to sell our cases. We have a few additions we want to make to increase the functionality of the cases and we need to make the final dies for manufacture, but we are out of money. Please go to and help us raise the money we need to make CueTabs in America,” said Leh.

The CueTab creators met at Cal State Dominguez Hills in Carson, California where Ejidike is working on a master's degree in Environmental Studies. They got to talking about technology and designing and manufacturing products in America and came up with the CueTab.

Those ready to help young businessmen launch new made in a America products can go to the website and click on the “Pre-order now only on until Feb 24th. Click here.” flashing button. Or go to and put CueTab in the search box. Supporters of $30 or more will be the first to receive one or more CueTabs.

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