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Head Hunter Challenge (AppStore Link)
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Head Hunter Challenge
Developer: Lightwood Consultancy Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Lightwood Games today is proud to announce Head Hunter Challenge, its latest game is now available, and coming to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch near you. Or, ideally, to many of them all at once.

Head Hunter Challenge is the latest game to be built around Lightwood's multi-screen gaming technology, which allows up to 16 devices to be connected via Bluetooth in order to create a single, enlarged playing surface. Players then compete in teams, often intertwining limbs and digits in order to reach the far corners of the game.

It's a unique concept: a real world social gaming experience where you literally face your opponents as you battle for territory - and to win the game!

Devices can be connected in almost any arrangement with the largest configuration - 4 x 4 iPads - making a multitouch game that's about the size of a 48-inch television. Connecting in a straight line, it's possible to create more than 3 metres of playing surface!

Head Hunter Challenge is the logical follow-up to Plasma Party, which was released on the App Store earlier in the year after receiving praise at the GameHack event where the app was first created. Lightwood won two awards at the event for their first foray into multi-screen gaming, "Most Innovative Idea" and "Best Use of Mobile", and pledged to keep developing the technology.

In Head Hunter Challenge, players attempt to help Agent Dan McFox, a professional head hunter who, coincidentally, actually is a fox, round up all the suspects he's looking for. Given a particular description, such as "with brown hair" or "wearing glasses", the player has to pick out all the matching faces from a crowd of people.

For those that don't always have friends nearby to play with, the app offers two other game modes: Solo and Challenge.

Solo mode is played against the clock, with sixty seconds to find as many suspects as you can. Players earn Game Center achievements and can see their high scores ranked in daily worldwide leaderboards.

Challenge mode is played in a turn-by-turn format against an online opponent - usually a Facebook friend. Each player tackles the same game to see who can amass the most points while looking for the same five sets of suspects.

Those whose friends do not have iPhones or iPads need not despair. There is a Facebook app that allows anyone to play the challenge mode through any web browser. An Android app is also expected to hit the app stores next week.

Head Hunter Challenge 1.01 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. The app is supported by in-game advertising, which can be removed for $1.99 (UK 1.49).

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