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Ridiculous RPG
Developer: Jerry Lee
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Indie developer Jerry Lee today is proud to announce Boy(RPG) - Hurry to School for iOS. The game is targeted to players who like 8-bit or Japanese RPGs fans. Although 8-bit style is non-mainstream in the market, the developer himself is a 8-bit fans. He wants to make his favorite game.

Boy Hurry to School is a 8-bit RPG game. You are Boy, a 15 years old student who is hurrying to school to take an exam. On the way to school, you aware that the Dark Power is awakening, the power that can destroy the world!

You'll encounter different monsters. Fight the monsters with cards. Choose a 'Sword' card if you're going to attack the monster. Choose a 'Shield' card if you're going to protect yourself. There are also 16 'Special Cards' during the battle. e.g. Poisons the enemy

You'll get coins and knowledge points in the game. Use coins to upgrade weapons. Use knowledge points to study hard in academic subjects to increase your own strength.

Reviews in app store:
"I consider myself a serious gamer and this game makes me smile"

"The combat system is relatively simple but entertaining. The story is weird and humorous. Well worth the play time!"

"RPG with many classic designs"

"I just wanna say that the enemies ARE SO ADORABLE LIKE THEY'RE ALL SMALL AND CUTE"

* Simple & Easy to pick up gameplay
* Over 60 monsters
* Retro graphics
* An interesting(ridiculous?) story
* One developer does it All!

Boy(RPG) - Hurry to School 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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