iOS Game MonTowers Celebrates Top Spot With Free Downloads

MonTowers ~Legend of Summoners~ (AppStore Link)
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MonTowers ~Legend of Summoners~
Developer: Buffstone Co., Ltd.
Price: free Download on the App Store

MonTowers has been aggressively climbing the charts since its entry into the App Store. Having taken the number one spot in the Korean, Japanese and Chinese iTunes App Store, this addictive collect-and-conquer title is being offered as a free download. Now anyone who's yet to try the App Store's hottest monster battle game has run out of reasons not to give it a closer look.

MonTowers revolves around developing a stable of ferociously battle-hungry fantasy creatures, and then utilizing the talents of this monster force to take over the "MonTowers," floor by floor. At each level of each MonTower resides a new foe - another monster. Each of these monsters must be defeated in battle to gain the next level of the tower. Players also have the opportunity to claim a monster coin by defeating the tower guardians - the coin will allow the player to "summon" that creature to his or her lab. 200 gorgeously designed and detailed monster types make this game a true pleasure for those who enjoy collectible games. Developing monsters through upgrades and maintaining a force capable of ascending each of the MonTowers requires a bit of strategizing and patience - just enough to build anticipation.

Battles between the player's monsters and the tower guardians are interactive but a simplified control system highlights MonTower's pick-up-and-play appeal. As players progress, new monsters must be collected to successfully combat the continually evolving opponents. Not only do players have the obvious pleasure of seeing a wide variety of monsters, each of these can be upgraded twice. Each upgrade enhances and transforms the monster, in both abilities and appearance.

With creatures as diverse as adorable fairy folk, oozing zombies, and robotic gladiators, MonTowers surprises and delights. It's little wonder that the game has collected so many fans, so quickly, earning the coveted number one slot in the Korean, Japanese and Chinese iOS games category. Broad appeal, easy to learn gameplay, and attention to detail make MonTowers a fun choice for nearly everyone who enjoys mobile games. Now that the game is being offered as free, for a limited time, even those who are picky with their pennies when downloading games can experience MonTowers without a second thought.

MonTowers 1.3.3 is now free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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