Mugshot Booth Turns Friends into Felons With Fun Photo Effects

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Mugshot Booth
Developer: Karl Juto
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Belizzimo are asking virtual police suspects around the world to 'Say cheese!' as iOS users create realistic and hilarious mugshot photographs of their friends, family and colleagues in the recently launched Mugshot Booth - a universal app for iPhone and iPad that offers a quick-and-easy process to turn even the most innocent face into a felon.

"Stories containing a run-in with the police are often legendary." commented Karl Juto, developer at Belizzimo. "Mugshot Booth allows users to virtually create such finest moments for their friends and colleagues - including the specific crime committed - with realistic and hilarious results." 

User are first prompted to enter the name, location and crime details for the virtual suspect. Once entered they are then requested to locate the suspect and take a photograph, during which custom image scanning techniques recognise when a person is within range and an on-screen guide help ensure the photograph is correctly aligned, for perfect results each time. Once the suspect is snapped a quick shake of the device will add different effects to the photograph - tattoos, scars and a beat-up look - creating a unique and realistic mugshot with each use.

Designed to be easy-to-use for iOS users of all ages the possible uses of Mugshot Booth are vast. Want to play a prank on mom? Create a virtual past for a work colleague? Or recreate a friends real-life experience? Within a few minutes a mugshot can be created to match any scenario and results can be saved to the users device or easily shared on social networks.

Mugshot Booth 1.0.1 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

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