IP Camera Recorder for Mac Version 1.33 is Released

DComplex IP Camera Recorder Client (AppStore Link)
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DComplex IP Camera Recorder Client
Developer: DComplex LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

IP Camera Recorder 1.33 is an advanced video surveillance solution designed to use the best features of the Apple products. Remote connectivity allows user to record video from IP Cameras on one Mac and remotely review it using slick apps from another Mac or an iPhone/iPad.

By developing complete solution in-house, including the Recorder, the iPhone/iPad App and the Mac App for remote access, DComplex provides seamless and powerful integrated solution that is more than just one component of the video surveillance needs. It takes advantages of best Apple technologies, for example, such as Push Notifications that allow the user to be nearly instantly notified of motion events detected by the Recorder.

IP Camera Recorder supports IP Cameras from many popular manufacturers, including Axis, D-Link, EasyN, Foscam, Sony and many more. The list of supported IP Cameras is available at our website.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras can be controlled from the software, even remotely from the iPhone app.

The Recorder can record video from the cameras always, or during specified time or only when motion is detected. Visual Video Search offers quick view of all recorded video and visual indication of motion events.

With affordable Day/Night IP Cameras by camera manufacturers such as EasyN, Foscam (see Amazon online), Mac users can now quickly setup a home surveillance system.

Pricing and Availability:
IP Camera Recorder 1.33 software for Mac OS X comes with free 30-day trial. It can be downloaded for free from the DComplex website. Pricing depends on number of cameras. Price for 1 camera is $29.99 USD, price for 5 cameras is $99.99 USD. The companion iPhone/iPad app, DComplex IP Camera Recorder Client 1.10, is available for free through the App Store in the Utilities category.

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