iPad Release of Fly Plane lets Kids Fly with their Fingers

Fly Plane (AppStore Link)
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Fly Plane
Developer: Ricky Vuckovic
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Independent developer, Ricky Vuckovic today is proud to announce the release of Fly Plane 1.0, his latest iPad game. Fly Plane is a quick and simple iPad kids game that lets people have fun flying around without worrying about things like stalling and crashing. Choose a plane or helicopter, choose a scene to fly around, and fly with your fingers.

"I designed it for really quick and casual fun", says Ricky, "something a kid could pick up and play all by themselves without someone older having to explain to them what a main menu is, or to read out button names in order to get through an options screen". This is evident in the game itself, with its big obvious buttons and a swift automatic return to the aircraft selection screen a few seconds after landing the aircraft. The game is designed to get the player and their aircraft back in the air for another round as quickly and easily as possible.

Speaking of aircraft, Fly Plane launches with three planes and one helicopter. These can all be flown through the three different scenes spanning green trees, city and snow. Each aircraft has its own realistic design and sound effects, including a slight radio chatter in the background when near the airport control tower.

Although aimed at young children, Fly Plane is proving to be fun amongst adults too. "The first time I showed a couple of friends an early version of the game, they couldn't help but make plane noises as they swept up and down the screen. There's something about Fly Plane that just makes you a little kid again".

Priced at $0.99 USD (or similar cost in other countries), Fly Plane 1.0 is now available for the iPad on the App Store in the Games category, and will appeal to anybody that can't help but make those little aeroplane zooming noises.

via PR Mac

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