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iStopMotion Remote Camera
Developer: Boinx Software Ltd.
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Boinx Software, a multi-award winning software developer for Mac and iOS, is pleased to announce another upgrade to the popular iStopMotion for iPad. The updated iStopMotion for iPad 1.3 now features image capturing via the headset remote play/pause button, better feedback while processing movies with many frames, and language localization in French, Japanese and Chinese. "We continue to give iStopMotion for iPad a lot of love," says Oliver Breidenbach, CEO, Boinx Software. "For example, people will really appreciate being able to capture frames with the headset control because they don't have to touch the iPad screen, which can cause the camera to move unintentionally. If you have many frames in your movie, the app can get quite busy, so a new spinner now shows you when the app is processing your images. Plus, making the app available in three new languages again makes it more accessible to our wide fan base."

iStopMotion for iPad 1.3 Highlights Include:

Image Capturing Via the Headset Play/Pause Button:
Users can now take pictures for stop motion movies on the iPad using the play/pause button on an attached headset. Shooting frames without touching the device prevents unintentionally moving the camera for clearer, crisper images.

New Spinner Indicates When App is Busy:
Movies with many frames sometimes require some background processing. A new spinner that indicates when the app is processing images offers users peace of mind and a better understanding of how iStopMotion for iPad 1.3 is operating.

More Language Localization:
In addition to English and German, iStopMotion for iPad 1.3 is now also available in French, Japanese and Chinese.

Rave Reviews on the App Store for iStopMotion for iPad:

- (5 Stars) AMAZING! - By ASC: "This is the best app I have ever owned! I use my iPhone all the time hooked up wirelessly with this! BUY!!!"

- (5 Stars) Superb Stop Motion app - By Jason Minos: "Outputs extremely high quality. Very impressed. Interface is really easy to use. Highly recommend using it in conjunction with the iStopMotion Remote app which is free! The camera overlay feature is great and the rendering is very fast. Myself and the kids will be using this app on a regular basis."

iStopMotion Remote Camera Companion App Also Gets an Upgrade:
The iStopMotion Remote Camera turns the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 4th gen iPod touch, iPad 2 and the new iPad into a remote camera for iStopMotion for iPad, and supports capturing in 1080p HD on the iPhone 4S.

iStopMotion Remote Camera has also been upgraded with language localization in French, Japanese and Chinese, and supports image capturing via the headset play/pause button.

iStopMotion for iPad 1.3 is $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. iStopMotion Remote Camera 1.3 is Free and available through the iTunes App Store in the Education category.

via PR Mac

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