Smart Little Piggies Pay Less! Jewel-Matching Action Game Goes On Sale

PiggyWoogy TM (AppStore Link)
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PiggyWoogy TM
Developer: Jdea Co., Ltd.
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Jdea recently launched iOS game Piggy Woogy, a match-3 puzzler with the added bonus of top-notch action, is available for a temporarily reduced price of $0.99. Piggy Woogy normally retails at $1.99, but Jdea is offering the game at a fifty percent discount in order to celebrate its quick success and to give even more gamers the opportunity to become part of the game’s enthusiastic fan base.

Piggy Woogy owes its success to the game’s unique concept, which is a fusion of traditional match-three puzzle gaming and action. The game’s premise is reminiscent of many fairy tales—big, bad wolves are after some adorable little piggies. In the case of Piggy Woogy, however, the piggy protagonist and his lady love are hardly defenseless against the lupine threat. By making matches, the player dislodges “Woogies” (the term denotes wolves in this delightfully whimisical game) from their climb towards their prey. But the game’s developers have done more than give jewel matching a storyline driven purpose; the game integrates a number of other elements action game lovers will be familiar with, including special skills and attacks. Piggy Woogy also offers up a wide variety of Woogy types, giving players a satisfying army against which to pit their strategy building skills.

Piggy Woogy takes everything that’s popular about matching games and ups the ante with added action elements that are guaranteed to keep players hooked. A great value at $1.99, this addictive game is even more appealing at the discounted price of $0.99.

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