Jiu Streetsu hits top 50 iPad Sports apps three days after its launch

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Jiu Streetsu
Developer: Self Defense Solutions Ltd.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Jiu Streetsu has been recently launched by Self Defense Solutions Ltd. as a universal app focused on responsible self defense. After just three days in App Store it hit the top 50 iPad Sports apps in the US store (according to iOS statistics aggregator Applyzer) and now ranks #1 and #3 for "self defense" search on iPad and iPhone respectively.

Centered around the stand-up attacks commonly encountered on the street Jiu Streetsu app provides remarkably detailed instruction materials wrapped in an easy and intuitive user interface. In addition to detailed photo and video tutorials Jiu Streetsu provides its customers with a wide network of local communities to help find training partners in their area so needed in learning self defense.

JS Front has the following key features:
- 5 techniques against most common frontal attacks (20 techniques available in full version)
- 4 types of instruction materials for each technique
- Photo Slideshow with detailed instructions
- Video Preview with full-speed and slow performance
- Video Tutorial with precise explanation how to perform a technique correctly
- Common Errors Video with an explanation how to avoid the majority of common errors in a technique

The application provides local communities to find training partners in your City, College or High School (to find friends and other people in one's area who are already using Jiu Streetsu, arrange training events, invite new friends etc.)

Jiu Streetsu Free 1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Sports category.

via PR Mac

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