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Joy Desk
Developer: Sae Hwan Cho
Price: free Download on the App Store

Looking for a fun way to test your smarts? Joy Desk 1.01 is the exciting, new puzzle game app that takes some serious brainpower to solve. Developed by Sae Cho Works, an up-and-coming app developer and game creator, Joy Desk takes puzzle games to the next level. After many requests, Joy Desk finally comes to iOS users! With iPhone 5 hitting stores around the globe today, the app will be available for a limited time offer price for just $0.99 USD.

The game is simple. Memo pads appear on your screen with items for you to manipulate - balls, stars, and lines. Select, rotate, move, and place the memo pads to drop the ball and collect all of the stars. Memo pads contain lines, which guide, restrict, and also create hazards for the ball. Use your wits and place the pads in the right configuration to solve all of the puzzles. Joy Desk gets tougher as you go along. At first, the puzzles appear straightforward and simple but as you progress it becomes significantly more difficult.

The tougher puzzles require more brainpower. The higher up the levels you get, the smarter you are! Puzzles are made for testing your skills but only the smartest, most adept players will reach the high levels. Joy Desk really challenges your mind; it takes a skilled genius to make it through all these levels!

Sae Hwan Cho is the CEO of Sae Cho Works and is an innovator in making fun, mobile apps and games. "Joy Desk really challenges players' skills, brilliance, and brain power. As you traverse through the levels, it will take a shrewd player to make it to the top. Joy Desk is the ultimate in fun, exciting, and thrilling puzzle games."

Feature Highlights:
- Both Lite and full versions are available
- Lite version contains only 25 levels and challenges to complete
- Full Version includes 80 fun, dynamic and challenging puzzles
- Move and place memo pads to catch stars
- Creatively test your skills
- Use environmental hazards to your advantage - Black Holes, Speed Up, and Gravity Changer
- Rotate the pads so the balls will fall and catch all the stars at once
- Includes pass cards to pass through the more difficult levels
- Lite version includes 3 usable pass cards
- Full version includes 8 usable pass cards

Joy Desk 1.01 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. A free version is also available through the App Store and on Google Play.

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