Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering Unleashes Deadly New Scorpion in Update

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering. (AppStore Link)
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Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering.
Developer: Benstar Limited
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Mail.Ru Games, developers of the popular Juggernaut MMORPG franchise, are rolling through the App Store with a thrilling update to their critically acclaimed fantasy RPG game, Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering. Once again donning the protective armour of the legendary Scorpions, players are pitched into Toper Burrow, a strange and mysterious land overrun by maleficent monsters and horrendous villains. Tasked with defeating the encroaching fiends, players can choose the fearsome new Scorpion, Hekate, to defeat the dreaded enemies. With the end drawing near, can the Scorpions destroy the hordes of terrifying beasts and save the natives from total annihilation?

Having surpassed the one million download mark since its April release, the latest update of Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering returns players to the pandemonium of a land gripped by the demonic Sovering. By increasing the level cap to 35, the update redefines chaos and challenges users in a dynamic turn-based epic. New achievements, additional grades within the magic school, and a rousing new mini-game combine to create a game unlike any other title currently available on the App Store.

"We really wanted to turn up the ‘epic' factor for this update to Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering," states Alex Patsay, Head of Mobile Games at Mail.Ru. "While we're proud of every one of our game improvements, we feel that the inclusion of our new character and environment make this update distinct. Additionally, leveling up to 35 now allows fans to progress further in the game. We are excited for our fans to enjoy the new features and hope that they enjoy playing Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering even more."

What's New in this Update:
- New Scorpion character, Hekate, who gives a bonus on money received in combat
- Mysterious new Toper Burrow chapter challenges players in an unknown land
- New mini-game "The Mine" gives players an alternative way of earning money
- Level cap increased to 35
- A third grade has been added to each school of magic
- Five daring new achievements
- Additional language support: German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Polish

Language Support:
American English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering 2.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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