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Jukester Jukebox
Developer: Donkey Kick Productions LLC
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

For all the loyal Apple iPad fans that enjoy using their iPad for music playing, there is a new king in town. It seems that Jukester Jukebox wears the crown when it comes to playing music on your iPad for a party or event. Everyone who owns an iPad knows, the Apple music player only allows you to choose one song at a time, or play a predefined playlist.

Jukester breaks those barriers by queuing up guest-selected songs and using multiple playlists as backup in between selections. The iPad app Jukester was conceived by Chris Gwynne, who felt there should be a better way to mimic a bar-like jukebox experience in your own home. "I wanted an app that allowed my guests to queue up songs and set the mood for a party without choosing all of the songs in advance, something I could just set on the table or wall-mount and walk away" says Chris.

Jukester has accomplished just that. It's an iPad music player app designed to mimic the look and feel of a modern bar style Jukebox, with an attractive interface and easy to use controls. Chris says lockable controls were also a must, there's always "that guy" at the party that likes to skip any songs he personally doesn't approve of. Other important functions such as Airplay support, disabling the iPad auto-lock and a screen saver should put Jukester on top of the party music must-have app list.

In fact, Jukester has already received praise from beta testers using Jukester for parties and events. Andy Fernandez from South Maroubra, Australia recently used Jukester to DJ his wedding! "I wanted to let you know that Jukester worked as an absolute treat over the weekend! Everyone from my 3 year old nephew to my 65 year old mother was loading up songs" Anders Hansen, Denmark, already posted on Facebook. "Yeeeaah! It has arrived! It's by far the best jukebox app for your iPad out there! Like Like!!"

The Jukester Jukebox iPad app has many great features including:
- Attractive interface with album art scrolling and album flip animations
- Queue songs one by one or multiple at a time
- AirPlay support
- Select a backup playlist or multiple playlists to add songs in between guest selections
- DJ lock mode so that only you can modify the playlist order and operate controls
- Rearrange or delete songs in the queue
- View music displayed by Album, Artist and Songs
- Searchable music library
- Disable your iPad's Auto-lock and screen dimming
- Screen saver displays large Album Art

The iPad app was developed by Connecticut based mobile development firm Quartus Technology.

Jukester Jukebox 1.0 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. Promotional codes for press evaluation are available upon request.

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  • Steve Disdain

    Nice! tried Jukester for a party Saturday night and it worked great, queued up songs and used my party playlist as backup. Finally a solid jukebox option